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Dropping In

On a family trip last winter I mentioned to my wife that i was thinking of studying real estate, getting licensed and even developing a piece of land.

I was expecting to hear a "What. Are you crazy... you don't know anything about real estate." Instead she said, "I think you'd be great at that." (Knew I married her for a reason ;)

We'd bought a house a decade ago. But our city like many was experiencing turmoil. Two kids, two pets, one bathroom. Let's just say some updates might be useful.

It was about this time that I noticed that our dollars were buying less and less every day. Inflation. Empty shelves. And I hadn't gotten a raise in years.

Still I couldn't shake the desire to build. Something from the ground up. A mountain home not just for the apocalypse or the local ski slopes. But a piece of property others could enjoy. A business of sorts. A mountain retreat. The perfect AirBnb. We'd been to tons.

So I cashed out. Sold all my stocks, even liquidated a portion of my retirement. Weeks after the election, we still weren't sure who would be sitting in the oval office. And it felt like the time to get out of the stock market. (Boy was i wrong) and into Bitcoin (Still hoping that was right)

As millions of Americans lost their jobs and their dignity, we watched schools close, small businesses fail and the second wave of covid crazy tear through society. What can one do?

Lockdowns. Protests. Politics. None of it pretty. At least we had our jobs.

So much of what was happening around me, felt out of my control. But the cabins at our local mountain, were booked solid. And as I rode the chairlift up for the first day of the season... a crystal blue sky burst from snow laden pine branches. The wind blew a fine powder off the needles and sunlight danced in their midst.

Sometimes you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

​Crypto and Property. How do they fit together? The world's oldest asset, and it's newest... Can I combine them to change my lifestyle, my philosophy. Can I create a new reality?

Not just about owning or buying something, for me it's about about sovereignty and building something ... Something I can be proud of.

Exiting the lift I skied my over to a mountain precipice and looked down. Even at my advanced age, the thing I love about skiing in envisioning a path. The thrill of dropping in. Plotting the course. The speed, potential consequences and most of all... The ride.

We've been on quite a run here in this country. And I've been quite lucky. Millions of Americans feel like that luck is running out. I'm one of them. So maybe it's time to make my own luck.

Flying through the last bit of the run, wind ripping through my head... I gotta wonder.

Sure... we can tear it all down. Doesn't building sound better?

Three months later... I bought an empty lot in the mountains, started stacking bitcoin and today I'm starting the CryptoCabin Podcast.

Property, Philosophy and the future of $Money$.

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