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Dropping In

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

On a family trip in 2021 I mentioned to my wife that i was thinking of studying real estate, developing a piece of land.

I was expecting... "What. Are you crazy... you don't know anything about real estate." Instead she said, "I think you'd be great at that." (Knew I married her for a reason ;)

We'd bought our home a decade ago. But our city like many was sliding into chaos. Two kids, two pets, one bathroom. in a seventy year old home.

It was about this time that I noticed that our dollars were buying less and less every day. I hadn't gotten a raise in years.

Still I couldn't shake the desire to build. Something from the ground up. A mountain home not just for the apocalypse or the local ski slopes. A business of sorts. A mountain retreat. The perfect AirBnb.

So I cashed out. Refid our home. Sold all my stocks. And dropped a significant portion of our budget right into the bitcoin rabbit hole. Stacked a little. And bet big on mining.

As millions of Americans lost their jobs and their dignity, we watched schools close, small businesses fail and three full waves of covid crazy tear through society.

Lockdowns. riots. Vaccine Politics. None of it pretty. At least we had our jobs. And a long weekend in the mountains.

So much of what was happening around us, felt out of my control. Riding up my first chairlife of the season... a crystal blue sky burst from snow laden pine branches.

The wind blew a fine powder off the needles and sunlight speckled them into rainbow pixies.

Sometimes you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

How can i get a piece of property up here? I wondered. And more important. How does the world's oldest asset fit in with it's newest?

Bitcoin and Property. Cryptocurrency and Real estate? There has to be something there.

It's not just about owning something. It's about building something... it's. about sovereignty.

I skied over to one of the. more treacherous runs. The thing I love about skiing, is envisioning a path. Plotting the course. The speed, potential consequences and most of all... The ride. But to get to any of it... You've gotta drop in.

We've been on quite a run here in this country. And I've been quite lucky. Millions of Americans feel like that luck is running out. I'm one of them. So maybe it's time to make our own luck.


I bought an empty lot in the mountains, started stacking sats and today I'm starting the CryptoCabin Podcast.

A show about Property, Philosophy and the future of $Money$.

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