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How you can I help build the Cryptocabin ? 

Nobody likes asking for donations... and asking listeners to pay for content is straight cringe. So here's what I came up with. Merch. I started small. A CryptoCabin Beer Koozie! Because Hey... What's better in the mountains than a frosty beverage? 

Absolutely nothing. 

My ask... is for a small donation for the best beer koozie in the world. For less than a round of beers you can own this handcrafted premium beverage enhancement, support this podcast and contribute to better economic future.  nd here's the kicker... I'm only accepting Crypto for this unique treasure. We prefer Bitcoin... on the lightning network (Cause Stacking and Hodling is legit and I've opened a node)

But we'll take any Crypto? to our exodus wallet? Because we're discovery crypto in the midst of the madness. 

The Koozie king of California. Don't be fooled. The American Dream... is alive. and well.


Send $20 for 1 or $30 for the pair.  to my hot wallet - QR codes & Addresses ⬇️    

Don't forget to enter your shipping details. 

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